Website or SEO first should be a common question, but most people do not even consider it when it comes to planning their website. In pretty much all cases the website is built and then SEO follows, usually as a bit of an afterthought. We believe this is the wrong approach and here’s why.

SEO should always come first!

Although SEO is time consuming and uses terms and language that many find confusing the basic principles are quite simple. However, like anything related to business an SEO and digital marketing strategy needs careful planning and will differ depending on your business goals, your budget, your target audience and your product or service. You need to spend a fair bit of time on planning early on to get results, and like a pet, SEO is not just for Christmas, you will need to constantly monitor and tweak your SEO approaches to maintain the results you will hopefully enjoy.

The problem we see most often, and we ourselves have been guilty of this in the past, is that SEO is an afterthought. The priority for many businesses is to get an all singing and dancing website built that looks great and that the owners at least love. Only then do they think about SEO to get visitors to the site to see this beautifully designed, colourful website full of painstakingly chosen high quality images.

We believe that this is the wrong approach. SEO should come first and be an integral part of the planning of a website, it is in fact more important than the website itself since it will have far reaching repercussions if it is done wrong, and long lasting benefits if done right. A good SEO strategy will help shape a website design and make the development of the website a more efficient process and experience for everyone involved.

This is why if you approach PULSE SEO to help with your website the first thing we will look at is how we can build an SEO strategy around your business goals, what we intend to do in relation to SEO to give you the best chance of not only appearing in the search results for given terms, but also for staying there, and we plan this strategy, maintaining an SEO rollout programme for 6 – 12 months ahead. Only then will we design the website to fit in with the agreed SEO strategy that is in place.