Keyword Research

Keywords are the words and phrases indexed by search engines that can determine, along with a host of other factors, whether your website appears in the search results page. Using keywords that are relevant to your industry sector and that are used by people using search engines is what makes the difference between being found or not, so keyword research is an extremely important part of any SEO project.

However, identifying the right keywords to use, and using them in your website in a structured way that the search engine will be able to make better sense of is the tricky part. First you need to identify which are the best keywords and phrases to use and then need to plan how best to formulate your content to use them to get the right results.

The competition for keywords as you can imagine is fierce. If your business sells shoes, then you are up against thousands, if not hundreds’ of thousands of other companies that sell shoes, so working out how best to use the keywords is the key to success.

PULSE SEO can help identify the best keywords to use, and create a content strategy that over time will give your website the best chance of being found.