The question should be what is the cost v value?

Here we answer the question – Is SEO Expensive?

Like anything you buy the cost of the item is not always the important aspect of the purchase, it is the value you get from it that should be the driving factor. Is SEO Expensive? The question should really be what value are you going to get from it compared to cost?

I once spent an eye watering amount of money on a pair of Chelsea boots. They were the most expensive pair of shoes I had ever bought but I have worn them pretty much everyday for the last 20 years, I have had them re-heeled twice, and they still have a good few years life in them I am sure. So were they really expensive? Compared to the value I have got from them the answer has to be no.

It’s a bit like this with SEO. The upfront cost can appear to be high, since a lot of time and effort needs to be invested early on, with the benefits only really becoming evident later. Done correctly however, like the boots, the life of a well planned, carefully implemented SEO strategy can last for many years to come and just keep on giving.

Is SEO Expensive? No SEO is an investment!

SEO should not be considered a cost, it is an investment that will pay back many times over if done well. When you consider the cost of many other channels of promotion for your business or service spending your marketing budget on SEO should be one of the best uses for this money compared to traditional print ads, newspaper ads, even direct mail. Let’s face it, for most people these days the first channel for researching or buying a product or service is Google. You can spends thousands of pounds on a full page print ad in a glossy magazine that perhaps only a few people will see and they may not even be interested, at least at the precise time they see the ad. Once they turn the page, you have lost them forever.

If you invest time and resources working on a good SEO strategy that gets you on the search results page for appropriate search terms then you will be there for significantly longer than a single full page print ad.

You must accept however that any money spent on SEO is unlikely to show immediate results. It takes some time to first plan the strategy, get the necessary resources and content together and only then roll it out, which may mean at least partly if not entirely re-building your website, or at the very least tweaking the structure. This sounds like a huge undertaking but the website build is very much the easy part and PULSE SEO allow for this when taking on any new client and it’s all included in your monthly fee.

It’s expensive not to do SEO

When viewed from this perspective SEO is not expensive, in fact quite the opposite as when it is done properly it should return any investment ten fold.